We think about our earth...

Bio -Packaging

We use strictly bio packaging (take always and coffee cups). We don’t allow ceramic onset as they cause fires and poison wild life. Our straws are non plastic, we use bamboo straws made locally. 

AIR - 

Water Solutions

We are completely off the grid when it comes to municipal water consumption, from waterless table clothes to “air to water” (condenser) device that runs our kitchen and drinking water onset. We promote crew members to bring their own water bottles. To add to this we also have a rain water irrigation system at our central kitchen that we use for cooking and cleaning during winter season. (We are the only caterer in Africa using Air water systems)

Supporting the Local Farmer

Our fish is all caught on the allowed Sassi fishing table, our meats are all sourced from local farmers (grass fed and GMO free). 

Our veg is supplied by home growers in the locations which creates a huge growth in job opportunities for start up farmers and agricultural land developers in the underprivileged areas. 

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BIO - diesel

All our excess and used oil is sold off to bio diesel farmers and in return we get a rebate that subsides our green waste management scheme (diving of foods, materials to create compost for our pig farmers). Our off cut vegetable are sent off to pig farmers to create feed for their animals. 


0,8% Waste...

Through over a decade of film catering we have been able to bring our waste margin down to 0,8% as compared to restaurants which sit at an average of 15%, we are leaps ahead. Food that is left over from set goes to 3 different homes around the locations supporting shelters in the area.