What our clients have to say...

 "I find your company to be robust, versatile and excellent in the service that is provided.  You will definitely have our next show, the one after that, the one that follows on from that…. because it is a pleasure and privilege to work with you Byron"

Dianne Beatty

Line Producer


"Byron (Shesha), thank you so much for this!!

Food on set was magical! amazing team and unbelievable food.

See you on the next one."

Jonathan Degueldre

Executive Producer


"Hi Byron, thanks so much for this shoot. Your people were great!

The food was great too!"

Kim White

Executive Producer


“Shesha have always been the favourite for our onset catering needs.  Everything from their quality of food,  friendly staff,  innovative meal solutions and the fact that Byron and his team

are so environmentally friendly and aware,  is what makes Shesha an amazing company to work with and the perfect team to work beside on our Platypus film set"

Tammi Horstmann



"A pleasure working with Byron and the his awesome team!

Hands-on and always ready to discuss special requirements or assist with budget constraints.

Keep it up SHESHA!"

Lesley-Anne Mulder

Executive Producer


"Our most sincere thanks for the consistently wonderful food and the exceptional team that we had from Shesha on Outlander.  An army marches on its stomach and it always helps to have a happy, well-fed crew.  I look most forward to working with you and your team again."

Nina Heyns

Executive Producer